Wrapping machines

Wrapping machines

The automatic SICHERA S.007 wrapping machine, which is able to pack any kind of product into weldable film, is essentially made up of one reel holders, a cutting device, built up of a rotating and a fixed blade, a longitudinal welding device and a set of folders and welders to close the end sides.

Special controls are foreseen to maintain constant temperatures on the different welding devices, which can be adapted to the various employable materials.
The machine structure made up of a steel frame, the special contrivances, the quality of the employed materials as well as the simple functioning, make the machine safe and reliable.
An important peculiarity of this machine is the possibility to bundle the product in a multi-layer package, only carrying out a simple size change.

This machine makes overwrapping of boxes or other squared products example of overwrapping of:

  • cigarettes packs
  • ovewrapping of soaps boxes
  • overwrapping of chocolate boxes or tables
  • overwrapping of soup bricks or liquids in bricks
  • overwrapping of perfume and cosmetic boxes.

Wrapping machines
Model S.007
Tension standard 380V 50Hz
Installed power 4 kw
Pressure 6 Bar
Electric plant PLC

• Very simple control
• Size change speed
• Simple reel change
• Completely mechanical

• Tear strip

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