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The SVP10 is a new model of vertical case packer with case filling from the bottom to the top, without utilizing a robotized arm that is often a limit for the machine capability and speed. In fact, the SVP10 machine is equipped with a plate with movement from the bottom to the top that foresees to insert the package directly inside the case.

The vertical case packer model SVP10 has been designed by SICHERA especially for being connected to equipments for the production of bags for pasta, rise or similar products, starting from two main concepts:

  • The machine must be connected to upstream equipments for production of vertical bags running at a speed of 80-90 bags/minute.
    Our standard in-feed has been designed for working at a speed over 110-120 bags/minute with the possibility to double it (up to 160-180 bags per minute).
  • The machine must be more compact as possible. In fact this machine is for sure the most compact on the market. It is important to remember that this model of machine foreseen as an option the possibility to install a "cover inserting" unit with independent magazine and hot-melt glue unit. This unit allows to form and glue the cover around the case starting from a flat blank.
Model SVP10
Tension standard 400V 50Hz
Installed power 3 Kw  with sealing tape
5 Kw with Hot Melt closing - Hot Melt
Pressure 6 bar - dry air
100 NL/minute
Electronic controle through PLC Siemens S7
  • Easy operator control through touch-screen display ESA 7"
  • Easy format change over in 10 minutes
  • Product's introduction inside the case without Pick & Place but through vertical lift from the bottom to the top with patented flap closing.
  • Standard closing with sealing tape

  • Dedicated infeed for Pasta/rice & similar at very high speed 160 bags/minute
  • Printing & labelling unit
  • Hot melt sealing with zero cavity guns
  • Additional unit " Wrap around lid" with independent magazzine & hot melt.

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